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Secret of Nonprofit Marketing - Story

I hope I don't ruin movies for you, but here’s a secret that each great story has in common. It’s true for stories like…

The Lion King

It's a Wonderful Life

Saving Private Ryan

The Lord of the Rings

Here’s the secret—every great story follows the same 7-step formula. It’s been used over and over to tell stories that stick with us and make us feel deeply.

You might already know that the same story formula can be used in nonprofits to engage with more Champions (donors | volunteers | community partners). Maybe you’ve read Donald Miller’s book Building a StoryBrand or even tried creating a BrandScript.


But be honest… does the story you're telling on your website connect with Champions of your mission the way your one-to-one relationship with your Champion (donor | volunteer | community partner) does?

I’m not saying that after updating your website with StoryBrand, your story will make Champions cry. But they will CONNECT.

Now it’s your turn to get results like this when you learn how to clarify your website message to Grow Champions.

Here’s the best part:

I’ll work with you each step of the way to make sure you leave with a powerful story that connects you with more Champions.

You don’t have to keep wondering if the words on your website, your emails, your social posts, or your events are truly connecting. You’ll start seeing an increase in more Champions sharing their resources with your mission.

Ready to see these results for yourself?

To sharing your incredible story,

Wes Legg

P.S. Sign up to Clarify your website message to Grow Champions. Work with Wes Legg to overhaul your Champion web pages. 


You’ll …

Discover the 7-Step StoryBrand messaging that makes Champions pay attention

Use your message to create a template that you can use on your donor, volunteer and community partner website landing pages 

Get expert coaching from Wes Legg

Feel confident your marketing is going to work

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