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A Leader's
Role Is Challenging

It feels overwhelming helping our customer survive and thrive, creating a cohesive team, and connecting with Champions to grow revenue and mission impact.

Your number one fear as a nonprofit leader
is running out of money. But without a proven plan for growth,
that's exactly what will happen.

  • You constantly worry about cash flow
  • You waste time and money on strategies that don't work
  • You struggle with work-life balance
Small Business Flight School is a hands-on, rapid paced program for small business and nonprofit leaders who are serious about implementing a plan to grow mission impact and revenue.
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Build Your Organization Like An Airplane

SB Flight School
Small Business Flight School Overview
with Donald Miller CEO Business Made Simple


Install a proven plan to increase revenue

Get access to exclusive the video series where Donald Miller teaches you how to implement a plan to increase revenue and grow mission impact


Start See results right away

Each lesson in Flight School is designed to increase your revenue upon implementation, and after you finish, you'll have a comprehensive growth plan, saving you and your team hours every week.


Learn from a community of growth-minded leaders

Through the exclusive Flight School community, you'll join a group of peers you can connect with, learn from, and partner with to share best practices.

What You Get With
Small Business Flight School

A Video Training Series to
Completely Overhaul Your Organization

You'll get 23 videos averaging 15-25 minutes in length dripped out to you at the pace of your choice. The video training includes deep dive learning and actionable steps on filling out your organization's growth plan (Flight Plan). You'll finish the program with clarity about where your business is going and how you're going to get there.

Weekly Q&A Calls from
Business Made Simple Experts

Have you been a part of masterminds where you felt like nobody was dealing with similar issues or know how to help you? That's why there is a weekly Q&A with business coaches and fellow like-minded leaders. Every week you have the opportunity to ask questions and get advice from mentors and experts who know the challenges leaders from different industries are facing. They know how to help.

Access to Members-Only Flight
School Community

Are you eager to connect with other leaders in a similar industry and business phase? With the members-only Flight School Community, you’ll get 24/7 access to our private forum where you can connect with other leaders you can relate to and get questions answered by your peers and certified Business Coaches.

Quarterly Q&A Calls from Donald Miller

Do you want regular accountability long after you finish our program? As a Flight School member, you’ll get insider access (for life) to Donald Miller each quarter as he coaches the Flight School community on improving and implementing your Flight Plan. That means that every quarter (even after you finish Flight School), you’ll have accountability and reminders to ensure you stay on track so you can experience growth for years to come.

A Solution Right for You

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Business Made Simple
On-Demand Courses
to grow your small business

Perfect for the Self-Directed leader looking to implement a budget friendly growth plan at your own pace.


 On-demand courses through the Business Made Simple Platform


 6—Key Areas Covered



Sales / Development



Cash Flow


Learn & install a 6-Step plan to grow your organization

  • Watch the courses

  • Execute the plan

  • Grow Revenue & Mission


30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

Small Business
Flight School

Small business training program helping you grow revenue & mission

Your greatest fear is running out of money. Small Business Flight School is a proven rapid paced

6-month program for leaders serious about creating clarity, alignment and action to grow mission impact and revenue.

Flight Includes

  • On-Demand courses from Business Made Simple Platform


  • Access to Digital Business Growth Plan tools
  • Rapid-pace video training series to completely overhaul your business
  • Weekly Q&A calls with Business Made Simple Experts
  • Quarterly live sessions from Donald Miller
  • Access to members only Flight School community
  • Exclusive workshop rates
  • Flight School includes a curriculum and  actionable playbooks


By the end of the program you'll have a complete business growth plan with actionable playbooks including tools to create clarity, align your team and grow revenue and mission impact.


6 Monthly Payments of





One - Time Payment of



14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like the content is actionable in your business, simply contact within 14 days and your will be issued a refund

Flight School with
1:1 Coaching

Flight School plus Coaching helps you focus on creating & implementing proven frameworks that build capacity to create clarity, team alignment and revenue growth

When it comes to your own growth or growth of your organization, adding a coach to Flight School can be a game changer. Three compelling reasons why hiring a coach can be one of the best decisions you make.


Guidance on specific nonprofit issues

Accountability helping you stay committed and focused

New Perspective helping you see things in a new light

  • Flight School Small Business Training Program helping you grow revenue and mission.


  • 6—months of personal support from Wes Legg – Business Made Simple Certified Coach

  • 1 : 1 one-hour call with Wes Legg, twice a month to discuss Flight School or Other Leadership Issues

  • Advice & Counsel via email

As your personal coach, Wes will walk alongside you providing answers to your questions and offering advice as you and your team grow with each action step toward success.


6 Monthly payments of



One - Time Payment of

Money Back Guarantee

    If you don't feel like the content is actionable in your business, simply contact Wes within 14 days 100% of your money will be refunded.

    If you contact Wes after 14 days,

you will receive a full refund,

less Flight School expense.

What's the difference between
Business Made Simple and Flight School?


A Business Made Simple subscription is perfect for someone looking to implement a growth plan at their own pace without much direction or support.

Flight School is for leaders who want to accelerate their growth at a rapid pace alongside fellow leaders with the weekly support of business growth experts.

Flight School w/ One : One Coaching adds an experienced coach

providing implementation support and accountability

It's a bit like

having a gym membership


working out in a class with a trainer


working out with a personal trainer

How is it paced?

A six-month Flight School pace is recommended, spending 5 hours a week.


You can choose a the pace that works best for your schedule inside the platform. You'll receive email reminders based on the time frame you choose.

Does Flight School Work with Any Industry?

Yes! Flight School will work for any industry, and our weekly Q&A calls ensure you get the help you need to apply the frameworks to your specific business and industry.

Will I lose access to Flight School content after I complete the 6 steps?

No! Once you enroll in Flight School, you will have access to the

Flight School video content and the exclusive community

as long as you maintain your $275/year Business Made Simple subscription.

How will I interact with others in the Flight School Community?

Enrolling in Flight School gives you exclusive lifetime* access to a VIP community. Post questions and comment on others’ posts to get real-time support from other business owners committed to growing their businesses. The VIP Flight School community is designed to support you as you build your Flight Plan and grow your small business.

*As long as you maintain a yearly Business Made Simple subscription at $275/year

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Business Made Simple
Flight School

6 Monthly Payments of



One - Time Payment of

Flight School with
1:1 Coaching

6 Monthly payments of



One - Time Payment of

Have Questions?

Schedule a call with Wes Legg


Not quite ready?

Get your free My Business Report assessment to help diagnose the health of your organization

Free Business Assessment

Take  My Business Report  free business assessment. It could help you stop doing what is not working and begin building a stronger, healthier organization.

"If you can’t fly, then run.

If you can’t run, then walk.

And, if you can’t walk, then crawl.

But whatever you do,

you have to keep moving forward.”

—Martin Luther King Jr.

Have Questions?

Schedule a call with Wes Legg

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