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Create Clarity - Grow Champions
Transform Lives

Nonprofits depend on Champions to contribute money, time and resources to your mission.


It's challenging to

connect, retain, and grow Champions.


Without Champions, the mission stops growing or worse, your light is extinguished.

Clarity begins with a Clear Message

Champions want to grow the mission they care about,

but they can't do it alone.

They are looking for a partner that shares their mission...

Your Nonprofit.

The first place Champions check is your website.

If your pages are don't answer their questions, are confusing or stale


you've lost them.


Clarify Your Message

Create clear simple StoryBrand soundbites how you solve your Champion's problem


Update Your Website

Use StoryBrand soundbites to create focused landing pages that  connect donors, volunteers and community partners to your mission


Champions Connect

Champions contribute their resources to the shared mission ...  transforming lives &

growing mission impact.

Use StoryBrand to Create
Short Simple, Soundbites
So Champions Will Listen

StoryBrand 7-Part Framework

  1. Character (Champion)
  2. With a Problem
  3. Meets a Guide Who Understands Their Fear
  4. Who Gives Them a Plan
  5. The Guide Calls the Champion to Action
  6. So the Champion Can Avoid Failure
  7. And Experiences Success (Transformation)
The 7-part framework allows you to clarify your message, and invite Champions into an amazing story in which they contribute to the mission.

Understanding StoryBrand Messaging

is the first step to creating clarity, aligning team, connecting with Champions and increasing your bottom line.

Implementing StoryBrand Messaging

is the most important step to grow mission impact.

Update your Website Landing Pages

Your website is the gateway to future Champions. If your website is confusing or out-of-date,

Champions leave.

If your site fails to connect with Champions,

resources decline, the mission struggles.

Champions are looking for a clear message

...  a solution to their problem.


Create a Website Landing Page Template

Use the template and StoryBrand soundbites on each landing page - Donor | Volunteer | Community Partner.

State the problem you solve. Position your product as the solution.


Grow Champions

When you create clarity with a simple clear message, Champions connect to your mission


Grow Revenue & Mission

Champions join your nonprofit to contribute their resources to

grow the shared mission.

Create Website Clarity
Grow Champions

1. Clarify Your Message


Create a clear marketing message using the 7-Step StoryBrand Framework that invites your Champions into a story where they are the hero.

The framework helps you organize your thinking, clarify your message and invite customers into a story.


Use short, simple

StoryBrand soundbites on your website landing pages to connect with Champions of your mission.

2. Website Landing Page Template

Using the StoryBrand soundbites and a landing page template, invite future Champions through your website landing pages that solve their problem and grow mission impact.

Wes Legg will coach you to create simple soundbites

and a landing page template that

  • clarifies your message

  • connect with more Champions

  • Grows revenue & mission impact

Six 1-hour Coaching Sessions

On-Demand Marketing Homework

(Plan 5-hours of work

between sessions)

Includes Business Made Simple

On-Demand Courses

One - year subscription


Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like the coaching is actionable in your business, simply contact Wes Legg and your money will be refunded less any subscription fees.

"How we communicate is how we succeed.

Communication is often misunderstood.

It is the thing you do after the decision has been made.

It is the delivery of data.

It is done to get people on the same page.

In fact,

communication is the fundamental principle of

how great leaders become great leaders."


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