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Don't Trust Your Life to Fate


Fate is a terrible writer

Too many people get to the end of their lives mired in regret. They leave their lives to fate and wonder why they feel it was meaningless


You feel like other factors are writing your story

You feel like you are at the mercy of other people or other things that control your life.


Take control of your life

If fate is writing a meaningless story, take the pen and write your story of meaning and purpose.

"Life ultimately means taking responsibility

to find the right answer to its problems

and to fulfill the tasks

which it constantly sets for each individual."

-from Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl,

survivor for 3 years in four concentration camps

No one should trust fate to write the story of your life.


If you have struggled with a feeling of futility,

or if you are tired of the story you've been living

or if you are having to start over and create a new reality for yourself,

be a Hero on a Mission,

chart your path to a meaningful life.


Hero on a Mission

A Hero has to want to live their story.

A Hero has to take action.

A Hero has to overcome conflict. They can't be overcome by it.

A Hero needs to engage conflict.

A Hero has to get to the top of the mountain

You can be a Hero on a Mission.

The reason a leader creates a life plan is because when the organization flows

out of a person's life mission,

work feels less like work

and more like passion.

The same is true for team members.


“Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb. You may never reach the summit; for that you will be forgiven. But if you don't make at least one serious attempt to get above the snow line, years later you will find yourself lying on your deathbed, and all you will feel is emptiness.”

- Hugh MacLeod

photo by Kabita Darlami on Unsplash

Take One Day to Help Create
a Meaningful Life Plan

For Individuals

Do you feel like you’re aimlessly wandering through your life with no clear direction or meaning?


  • You’re not sure what to focus on each day

  • You don’t feel like you’re making progress on your most important projects

  • You set goals but don’t actually achieve them

  • You don’t have a clear vision of your life for the next 10 years

  • You aren’t sure how you can be most productive

  • You wake up in a fog and feel like your life is meaningless

For Teams

Is your team feeling disconnected

from the why you do and needing inspiration?

  • Your team members don’t know what their most important priorities are

  • Your team members need a sense of purpose

  • You have team members who are just showing up to punch the clock

  • You need to find a training to invest in your team that will build excitement

  • You don’t have a good system to help team members achieve their goals

  • Your team lacks a vision for the future

If you feel like your life or your team isn’t going
in the direction you want it to go,
this workshop will help.


Book a Workshop

Call Wes Legg to set up a time for

your workshop.


Create Clarity

Create a clear vision for your life and set the right goals


Daily Focus

Develop a daily routine that reminds you where you're going and helps you prioritize

When You Work Through

Hero On A Mission


  • You will know where to focus.

  • You will know what to do, despite how you feel.

  • You will experience a deeper sense of meaning.

  • Your life will make sense to yourself and others.

  • You will make progress every day on your life goals.

Whether you want to experience a deeper sense of meaning
just learn how to be more personally productive,
this workshop will help.
Coaching Options
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Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel like the coaching is actionable in your business, simply contact Wes Legg and your money will be refunded.

Hero On A Mission

Life Plan

Don't Trust Your Life to Fate

  • If you have struggled with a feeling of futility

  • If you are tired of the story you've been living

  • If you are having to start over and create a new reality for yourself ...


Your Plan to Creating a

Life of Meaning

You can't control what happens to you. You can control how you respond.


Create your own Life Plan & Daily Planner to help make daily decisions that will get you where you want to go.


Designed to help you be a

Hero on a Mission.

You will create your:

  • Life Plan to give you deep sense of meaning

  • Goal Setting & Management Worksheet

  • Daily Planner to keep you focused

  • Workbook to keep you organized

Length: One Day

virtual or in person

For Individual

For Team

2-5 people


6 - 12 people


What Do I get with the Workshop

Wes will walk you through each component

A life plan that gives you a deep sense of meaning and purpose

>  A goal setting worksheet that ensures you achieve the most important goals

>  A daily planner that will keep you focused and increase your productivity

>  A workbook to keep you on track and organized

"How we spend our days is,

of course,

how we spend our lives.

- Annie Dillard

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