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Simplify Your Website

Creating your nonprofit website is challenging. Don't create a tangled mess.

I’ve visited many websites that don’t connect with visitors. The site forgets to mention how the customer’s problem is solved. Instead, pages are cluttered with irrelevant content. Other pages suffer from neglect, featuring outdated information. Visitors quickly tire of being lost in the tangle mess. They leave.

Two key groups, your primary customer and potential champions (donors | volunteers | community partners), visit your website seeking solutions.


When your website fails to connect, visitors leave.

Fulfilling your mission becomes a challenge.

When you confuse,

you risk losing champions of the mission.


Your Primary Customer has a problem, and they are looking for a solution that will transform their life.


Potential Champions want to know if your mission aligns with their mission. If yes, they explore your site to learn how to contribute their resources to grow mission impact.


Your Role: Connect with Customers and Champions

Clarify your message and update your website with StoryBrand Framework. Use StoryBrand soundbites to create a website landing page template personalized for each key group, offering a solution to their problem.


Remember, if your website fails to provide solutions or confuses visitors, they’ll quickly leave.


Clarify your website with StoryBrand

Craft a clear message offering a solution that leads to attracting more champions, transforming lives and growing mission impact. Failing to address their problem or presenting irrelevant content will only drive them away.


  1. Begin by creating simple clear StoryBrand soundbites to solve your customer & champion’s problem

  2. Update Your Website using the soundbites that connect champions to the mission

  3. Connect with Champions that contribute resources that grow mission impact


Here’s to clarifying your website,


Wes Legg


Understanding StoryBrand messaging is

the first step to creating clarity, aligning team,

connecting with Champions and increasing your bottom line.

Implementing StoryBrand messaging

is the most important step to

grow mission impact.


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