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Impact of Volunteers

photo by Joel Muniz - unsplash

Nonprofits used to say, “ We don’t pay volunteers, so we cannot make demands upon them.” Now they are more likely to say, “Volunteers must get far greater satisfaction form their accomplishments and make a greater contribution precisely because they do not get a paycheck.”

The steady transformation of the volunteer from well-meaning amateur to trained, professional, unpaid staff member is the most significant development in the nonprofit sector –as well as the one with the most far-reaching implications for tomorrow’s businesses.

–Peter Drucker, What Successful and Performing Nonprofits Are Teaching Business

Volunteer Statistics

77% of nonprofits believe that skilled volunteers could improve their organization's business practices.

One out of four Americans volunteer, creating America’s largest single employment sector. Volunteers make up 12.2% of Ohio’s workforce and 8% of Colorado’s workforce.

Only 55% of nonprofits assess volunteer impact. All nonprofits should assess their impact!

Individuals between the ages of 35 and 54 are most likely to volunteer their time according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The value of a Volunteer’s time in the U.S. is worth an average of $29.95/hour.

$27.07/hour in Ohio and $31.51/hour in Colorado. (2021 from

Volunteerism improves health by strengthening the body, improving mood, and lessening stress in participant.

Over 71% of volunteers work with only one organization each year.

Volunteers are 66% more likely to donate financially to the organization they support than those who do not volunteer their time.

70% of corporate volunteers believe volunteerism boosts morale more than company mixers.

How is your nonprofit offering volunteers meaningful achievement?

Lets talk about your volunteers.

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