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Go to the Mountaintop


Where have we been?

Where are we now?

Where are we going?

How will we get there?

No one understands everything.

God gifted each team member unique gifts.

The volunteer stocking shelves knows what customers like.

The treasurer has given a name to each dollar coming in and going out.

Your operations manager understands weak & strong points of the systems.

The volunteer coordinator anticipates shift load depending on the day, or season.

Your board member has developed governance & policy details but seldom volunteers.

The Executive Director knows the mission and a little part of every area of the organization.

The development director has connections throughout the community but few inside the organization.

Strategic plans provide the team a path to the mountaintop.

From the mountaintop perspective emerges.

Together, questions are answered.

Together, the team gains clarity.

Together, alignment emerges.

Are you ready to go the mountaintop?

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