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Change Happens...Adapt

Change happens…some adapt and some don’t.

Gutenberg’s printing press ushered in the Age of Enlightenment. His invention improved communication, increased literacy and pulled Europe out of one thousand dark years. The Industrial Revolution began transforming America from an agrarian to industrial society. In 1840, 70% of Americans worked in agriculture. People left farms for cities to work in factories. By 2000, barely 2% of the labor force worked in agriculture. U.S. farms adapted by producing more food than ever through productivity changes attributed to better seeds, irrigation, pesticides and equipment. 40 Maps Explain Food in America Healthcare, diet, and sanitation improvements in the U.S. during the 20th century contributed to increased longevity. Life expectancy over this period increased in black men by 106% and white men by 60%. 1900-2000 Changes In Life Expectancy In The United-States Technology’s advancement touches all areas of our society. Thomas Friedman pointed out in The World is Flat, there is a level playing field through technology for individuals and organizations throughout our world. Information and communication channels previously available to a few highly resourced institutions and organizations, are now available to many.

We are just experiencing AI, a new threat/opportunity in our changing world.

Change happens!

Are you addressing today's problems with yesterday's solutions?

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