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Business Made Simple Playbook - Should I Use It?

Leading an organization is HARD!

Do you need a simple growth plan for your small business or nonprofit to help you build a profitable organization?

  • Maybe you need a flight plan for survival

  • Maybe you need to step away from the whirlwind of urgency and look at the bigger picture of your mission

  • Maybe you're seeing changes in the local economy and you need to prepare for the next phase

Business Made Simple six steps have helped thousands of leaders build businesses that work.

Business Made Simple compares flying an airplane to operating a business. If one of six critical parts doesn’t operate correctly, the plane will crash.

1. Leadership [the Cockpit] – leadership is responsible for getting the plane to its destination. To grow, you need to know how to unite the team around a clear economic mission.

2. Marketing [Right Engine] – directly contributes to the airplane’s thrust. When the marketing engine runs efficiently, the business sells more product (nonprofit helps more people survive/thrive) growing the impact, contributing to lift.

3. Sales [Left Engine] – increases thrust of the airplane even more. Unfortunately, most of us hate to sell. But we learn to create a sales pitch by inviting customers into a story which our product/service solves their problem. The key to selling is making the customer the hero. The more problems solved, the more thrust moves the plane forward.

4. Products/Services [the Wings] – if the products/services are in-demand and profitable they give the plane lift. Marketing and sales give the plane thrust. The wings lift the plane. Optimize your offering to get maximum lift.

5. Overhead & Operations [ the Body] – If your overhead get out of hand, the belly of the plane grows too big, and the plane will crash. Your largest expense almost always is payroll. you’re paying yourself or a small staff, payroll will crash a business unless you and your staff run a management and productivity playbook.

6. Cash Flow [Fuel Tanks] – With fuel, energy is transferred to all moving parts of the airplane. Without fuel, the plane crashes. Without cash, your business crashes. To grow your business, you need a method to manage money that is simple and easy to use.

The airplane metaphor creates a powerful decision-making filter for leaders to grow your business. Would a new investment make the wings larger (helping create a new product or revenue stream) or increase thrust (increase sales) or enlarge the body of the airplane (increasing overhead and making it heavier, contributing to a crash)?

If you master the Business Made Simple six steps that build your business like an airplane, your organization will fly.


Still not sure? Take My Business Report free assessment of the six parts of your business. In just 10 minutes, you'll have a tactical plan that will help you optimize your organization revenue and impact.

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