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You Lead Us - Tribes

Belief Belonging Mattering Making a Difference ... Tribes

Throughout history, our world has been organized into tribes or small groups of people who want or need to connect with each other with a movement.


In Tribes, Seth Godin’s book discusses finding your tribe. He presents a model of growing our movement, instead of building an organization.


Each tribe leader is challenged to connect with people who can actually make a difference. In our world, there are a lot of people that don’t care about our movement. Forget them. Connect with people who resonate with the movement.


You lead us to the place we want to go. Although, everyone in the tribe is not going to be a leader, each person in the tribe can spread ideas. They can help be part of the change.


As our tribe’s leader, you give them a story to spread. Connect with people that care about the mission.


How is your tribe spreading the word about making a difference?

Wes Legg

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