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What's Our Plan Today

Plan for tomorrow today

The last three months have been crazy. There are internal fires to put out and external changes creating disruption.

Have you had time to plan for next 12 to 18? If not, the time to start is now.

Begin your plan by gaining perspective.

 “If we can know where we are and something about how we got there, we might see where we are trending, and if the outcomes which lead naturally in our course are unacceptable, make timely change,” observed Abraham Lincoln.


After perspective ask, "What do we have to do today to be ready for tomorrow?"


Review the 6-key areas of your organization.

  1. Leadership – alignment on mission focused priorities

  2. Marketing – clarity of message

  3. Sales/Development – make the Customer the Hero

  4. Products/Services – optimize offerings by focusing on customer’s need

  5. Operations/Overhead – run management playbook that keeps everyone informed

  6. Cash Flow – manage cash by giving every dollar a name

Next, Identify What’s Important Now to grow impact and revenue.


  • What does leadership need to prioritize for 2024?

  • What do we need to stop doing?

  • What is confusing?

  • What is missing?

Still not sure how to start your plan?

Take My Business Report and discover how our organization is performing. Knowing what’s really going on shouldn’t be a mystery.  My Business Report is a free online business assessment that helps you diagnose what’s right and what’s wrong. You’ll receive a customized plan on how to fix it.


One possible reason why things aren't going according to plan is that there never was a plan. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant

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