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Control What You Can

22 years ago businesses prepared for a worst case scenario; outdated computer software freezing, leading to a power grid failure precisely at 12:00 am Jan 1, 2000.

Experts told us outdated computer software would reset to Jan 1, 1900, instead of Jan 1, 2000. Electric grids would shut down, old computers would freeze, transportation would be stuck in gridlock ... our modern world would stop. Companies of all sizes updated their systems and processes. I was leading The Eldred Company during this period. We reacted to the fear of shutdown by replacing a 14 year-old HP server that ran custom UNIX software with new hardware and ERP software. We also updated our office productivity hardware and software.

...12:00 am Jan 1, 2000 arrived. No power failure! No computers freezing!

The positive unintended consequences... new systems and processes put in place at Eldred and other businesses increased capacity and improved productivity.

You can't control the external environment.

The iPhone introduced in 2007 marked the beginning of the digital world. Employees are now connected 24 hours a day through text, email and the internet.

COVID-19 changed how people, remote, or hybrid.

Inflation and rising interest rates have increased the cost of doing business.

What can a leader control?

Effective leaders have control within the organization. When things change, they change the plan.

How does change impact leadership, staff development, culture, finances, communication, systems and processes today? What will it look like tomorrow?

Don't ignore change!

Strategic planning is necessary precisely because we cannot forecast…

Strategic planning does not deal with future decisions.

It deals with the futurity of present decisions.

The question that faces the strategic decision maker is not what the organization should do tomorrow.

It is “What do we have to do today to be ready for tomorrow?”

- Peter Drucker

What do you have to do today to be ready for tomorrow?

Contact Wes about your plan.

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