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Learning from Miss Universe

“I will work for world peace.” - 1981 Miss Universe, Irene Sáez from Venezuela

We may chuckle at such a cliché answer, but everyone should aspire to make our world better.

2015 Miss Universe, Pauline Vega wanted to help end her native Columbia’s 50-year civil war. 1999 Miss India, Gul Panang, runs an NGO championing gender equality, education and disaster management. Miss America 2004, Ericka Dunlap, created the Crown Foundation, equipping young women to live the power of their dreams.

Take a minute from your daily tasks. Reflect on three questions;

  • Do you have an aspirational Mission, Purpose, or Why?

  • Are you creating value for your customer - transforming lives and/or community?

  • What action do you need to take now to be more world changing?

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