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Leaders Wear Hats of Many Colors

In addition to being the Chief Reminder Officer ...


Leaders lead

Leaders listen

Leaders invite

Leaders coach

Leaders prune

Leaders simplify

Leaders delegate

Leaders encourage

Leaders align team

Leaders create clarity

Leaders know their limits

Leaders remove obstacles

Leaders take responsibility

Leaders know when to say no

Leaders cast vision & mission

Leaders build a healthy culture

Leaders unlock greatness in others

Leaders set priorities with deadlines

Leaders focus resources and grow mission impact

Leaders possess humility, empathy and mindfulness


What hats do you wear every day?

What hats fit others in the organization?

What hats need to be filled?


... and what else.

What leadership hats have I overlooked?

As your organization grows, build your leadership team with leaders that complement your leadership style.

Download Leaders Wear Many Hats 8-1/2" x 11" PDF

Wes Legg

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