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Is Communication Happening?

A leader’s primary tool is communication. Great leaders clearly communicate the solution how their organization solves the customer’s problem. Solving your customer’s problem is the reason your organization exists.


In addition, you must clearly communicate the organization's mission, why it matters, how you will get from here to there, and who must do what … so, your champions (board, staff, volunteers and donors) will listen.


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. - Seth Godin.


Begin by clearly communicating how you are solving your customer’s problem. Don’t make people work to understand your message. Eliminate unnecessary information.


Review your website. When a visitor lands on your homepage, do they immediately know what problem you are solving of theirs? Don’t bury the primary message by talking about yourself or anything that is unrelated to solving their problem. If they don’t understand how, you help them, you’ve lost them.


Clarify your message so people will listen. Keep it simple.


Following these principles will enhance your ability to connect with customers and champions while growing revenue and mission impact.


On February 1st 2024, I’m offering a webinar, 3 Steps to Increase 2024 Revenue.

One step to increasing revenue is clarifying your message so people will listen.

Wes Legg

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