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Create Clarity

The second area to improve organizational health is to Create Clarity. Clarity is all about achieving alignment according to Patrick Lencioni. When the leadership team is aligned on the mission, core values, results, priorities, and roles … organizational health improves. Without alignment there is confusion, disorder, infighting and wasted resources. There is no cohesive team.

“All too often leaders underestimate the impact of even subtle misalignment at the top and the damage caused by small gaps among members of the [leadership] team.” -Patrick Lencioni Create Clarity by Answering Six Critical Questions Why Do We Exist? (mission) Our leadership team understands, agrees and is passionate about why our organization exists. At the heart of what we do lies something grand and inspirational. How do we behave? (core values) We must clarify and embrace a specific set of behavioral values. If an organization is tolerant of everything, it will stand for nothing. What do we do? This is simple, don’t over-think it. A machine shop makes parts for machines. A food pantry distributes food to hungry families. How will we succeed? (our strategy or plan to achieve results) This is leadership's strategy of making intentional decisions to provide the best chance to thrive. What is important now? (our priorities) “More than any other questions, answering this one will have the most immediate impact on an organization, probably because it addresses two of the most maddening day-to-day challenges companies face: organizational A.D.D. and silos. Who must do what? (roles and accountability) Each leadership team member understands their own and one another’s role and responsibilities. Without clarity around who does what, the potential for politics and infighting is great. Clarity Creates Alignment For over a decade, I’ve facilitated strategic plans that ask the six critical questions listed above. When leadership teams sit down together and answer these six question clarity begins to emerge. When the team works together to create clarity, alignment will emerge where previously there was none. Alignment builds a cohesive team.

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Have you noticed a theme in creating a healthy organization?

Peter Drucker’s Five Most Important Questions versus Patrick Lencioni’s Six Critical Questions versus Donald Miller’s Small Business Flight School overlap.

Today, I use the simple proven tools and frameworks found in Small Business Flight School, designed for small businesses and nonprofits.

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