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Without Action, There Is No Plan

The best plan is only good intentions unless it degenerates into work. - Peter Drucker

Effective plans require commitment. Effective plans that turn into action are the result of commitment by key people following through on specific tasks. Without commitment, leaders and champions of the cause drift away, to finish what they previously were doing. Our plan dries up.

Action plans must be worked. Our plans require our best people to be present and to act.

Peter Drucker reminds us that an action plan implies accountability, a deadline and finally, the measurement of results. What and how we measure determines what we consider relevant. And, our results need to be mission focused.

Without action, there is no plan.

Take Action: Determine what needs to be measured to achieve mission-centric results. Leaders set deadlines for themself and the team to achieve these results.

Let's talk about our plan.

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