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Stop Struggling
Grow Mission Impact


One-on-one and group coaching to

create clarity, align team, & increase revenue

Growing a Nonprofit Is Overwhelming
Can you relate to these stumbling blocks?

Failure to Prioritize

Money, time & resources are wasted - instead of used for mission

Your Team Is Dysfunctional

Communication fails.

Board, Staff & Volunteers

are not on the same page.

Worrying about Money

Your greatest fear is running out of money. Without money,

the doors close

One out of four small businesses fail within the first year

45% fail within the first five years, and 65% fail within the first 10 years.

Good intentions are not enough.


Grow Mission Impact 
with proven strategies & tools


Create Clarity

Identify and prioritize mission centric economic objectives.

Give each objective a deadline.

Clearly explain why the objectives matter.


Align Team

Communicate Clarity


Leadership decisions focus limited resources on mission priorities.

Everyone understands their

role and responsibility.

Alignment builds

a healthy culture


Increase Revenue

Prioritizing economic objectives on the mission

leads to increased revenue.

Leaders and staff know

where to focus resources.

Fueling mission impact.

Reducing waste.

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Learn how to optimize
your organization to fly

You don't have to do it alone.

I'm here to help.


As your organization grows, yesterday's solutions may not work for today's problems.

I understand the challenges

nonprofit leaders face.

 Change is tough.

I've been there. As a seasoned coach, former executive director, and small business owner, I've grown, failed, gotten back up, learned and grown more.

Success is connected to action.


The truth is none of us are designed to

tackle leadership in isolation.

Let's forge a path to success tailored to

your unique goals and challenges.




Wes Legg


Certified Business Coach

Leadership Optimization Program
with 1:1 Coaching

You want more than a plan,
you want an experienced nonprofit coach
providing support

Coaching to focus on the

organization, you, or both

Coaching for Performance

improving the organization

Coaching for Development

improving you, the person or team


Three compelling reasons

to hire a nonprofit coach


Get Personal Advice

More Accountability

Gain New Perspectives


  • Discover proven strategies to create clarity, align your team and increase revenue without an increase in spending

  • Learn how to focus on priorities, eliminate confusion, and develop others

  • Become the leader your people are counting on to perform at their very best

Tamara R. - Exec Dir

“I am so pleased with the results. Yes, it was hard for me to listen to the areas which need shored up, but I feel so hopeful because it is critical that we are all on the same page moving forward."

Scott H. - COO

"We thank God for bringing you to I.F.I. to help us build a framework! You have been instrumental in that process > encouraged us and inspired us though your wisdom and perspective."

Kai N. - Pastor

"Thank you for grasping our hands and leading us through this process. It's not easy to get communities/leaders to look honestly at themselves. I hope this is a pivotal time for our community."

Unsure of your next step?
Take My Business Report
free assessment of your organization's health

Free Assessment
Unlock Insights & Solutions



My Business Report free assessment

How is your organization performing? In 10 minutes, answer question on 6-parts of the organization.


Get Your Report

You'll receive a grade for each of 6-parts of your organization.

In addition your report will unlock insights and solutions to optimize your organization.


Connect with Wes

After you receive your  results, set up a time to talk with Wes for a Debrief and Action session.

We'll discuss your next steps to build a healthy organization that grows mission impact.

Take the Free Business Assessment

Take  My Business Report free 10 minute assessment.

It could help you stop doing what is not working and

begin building a stronger, healthier organization.

"Learning is about becoming incompetent on our way to getting better.

If you're not open to the tension that is caused by knowing you could do better, it's unlikely you're willing to do the work to get better.

As you're doing that work, there's a satisfaction it brings, but also the knowledge that just a moment ago, you weren't any good."

- Seth Godin

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