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Nonprofit Leaders & Small Business Owners
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a healthy sustainable organization

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6 Reason Most Organizations Fail



Failure to identify and prioritize economic objectives

to grow revenue



Failure to market products with a clear message


Sales / Development

Failure to market products in such a way that makes the customer the hero



Offering products/services

that are not

in demand or profitable



Bloated overhead

from inefficient

management & productivity


Cash Flow

Mismanagement of cash.

Without money,

the doors close

A full 25% of small businesses fail within the first year, 45% fail within the first five years, and 65% fail within the first 10 years. One of the best ways to avoid this fate is to execute a Six-Step Plan.

Build Your Organization Like An Airplane

Like an airplane, your organization has parts. Those parts connect to the whole to make it fly.

 6 - Critical Parts of Your Organization

When you know how to optimize

six parts of your airplane,

you build an organization that works!

Leadership (Cockpit)

Cast a vision that includes prioritizing economic objectives

Marketing (Right Wing)

Clarify your message and invite your customer into a story

Sales/Development (Left Wing)

Stop selling

Make your customer the hero and Invite them into a story

Products/Services (Wings)

Optimize products/services focusing on items that are

in-demand and profitable

Overhead/Operations (Body)

Keep overhead lean by running

a management & productivity playbook

Cash Flow (Fuel Tank)

Manage money and protect cash flow with five accounts 

You shouldn't have to guess how to grow your organization!


A Right Solution for You


Assess Your Organization's Health

You have some broken parts but don't know where to start

Take My Business Report

Free Assessment


Flight School

Small Business Flight School

Online Courses

with Optional

Implementation Support

Using the airplane metaphor, Flight School provides tools and frameworks to upgrade your plane's 6-parts into a cohesive organization in 6 - Months

Flight School for Nonprofits

Flight School for Small Business


1 : 1 Coaching

A Leader's Job Is Lonely


Your passion is leading,

not managing.

You feel overwhelmed and need someone to talk to about your organization's direction.

Wes Legg has been there as small business owner & nonprofit leader.

Depending on where you are and where you want to go, together, we'll find the best tools, systems and frameworks to help grow your organization

Book a 1:1 Call with Wes

Not quite ready to book a call?

Get My Business Report free assessment to help diagnose

the health of your business

Get started with a free assessement

Whether you're a small business owner or nonprofit leader,  My Business Report  free business assessment could help you stop doing what is not working and begin building a stronger, healthier organization.

My passion is working alongside nonprofit leaders & small business owners to build a healthy sustainable organization that leads to growing your revenue & mission impact.

As a Guide & Coach, I use tools and resources including Business Made Simple's Flight Plan to help leaders create a healthy sustainable organization.

My goal is offering simple proven tools

to help you grow mission impact. 

If you're looking for guidance

and a proven framework,

invest in a 30 minute discovery call.

Wes Legg

Guide | Coach

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Imagine your organization transforms from well-intention but stuck to
healthy and sustainable while
growing mission impact!

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