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Grow Mission Impact

Your Mission:
Transform lives, build stronger community, mend our fractured world within your reach

Results:  Measuring a changed life or stronger community

Your Plan: Focusing your limited resources on what is important ... now

Lead a healthy, mission focused organization in a changing world

Imagine your leadership team understands and clearly communicates the purpose God has for your organization. Team decisions focus on allocating precious resources toward mission driven solutions.


Champions share their gifts while growing a shared dream. Leadership, staff, & volunteers ... together ... focus on what is important, now. to transform lives.


What benefit is building a healthy, sustainable, organization focused on mending the part of the world within your reach?

My role is helping leaders do the right thing well.

Let's talk about growing your mission's impact.

Wes Legg

Strategic Guide & Facilitator

 "The challenge of leadership is to create change and facilitate growth." - John C. Maxwell


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