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The art of planning for tomorrow, today


The discipline to take care of today, today


Strategy and Operations must be Financed


The StratOp Process is for organizations that are growing and  ready to move to the next level.

StratOp creates an environment that leads to breakthrough thinking, alignment & focus for leaders, their team and champions of the cause.

What is StratOp?
StratOp is a system that moves your team from the mountain top to practical action steps. Wes Legg guides your team through StratOp's 6-steps to move forward with strategic impact.

The StratOp Process (TM) is intellectual property of the Paterson Center LLC.

Wes Legg is a Paterson Center StratOp Certified Facilitator. ​​​​

Leaders create the conditions where people choose new actions.
The choices are voluntary.
They’re made by people who see a new landscape, new opportunities and new options.
You can’t make people change.
But you can create an environment where they choose to.
Seth Godin

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