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What Is Your Mission?

" Each social sector institution exists to make a distinctive difference in the lives of individuals and society. Making this difference is the mission - the organization's purpose and very reason for being." -Peter Drucker

Don't confuse mission with what you do?

Mission is the Why you do what you do.

Not the how you do it.

Your mission should be clear, and transformational.

Every board member, volunteer and staff should be able to clearly understand and state the mission. It should inspire their commitment to make a difference. The mission guides leader's decisions toward allocating limited resources on what is important now to grow mission impact.

"The effective mission statement is short and sharply focused.

It should fit on a T-Shirt." -Peter Drucker

"The question of mission has become, if anything, even more important as our world becomes increasingly disruptive and turbulent. No matter how much the world changes, people still have a fundamental need to belong to something they can feel proud of. They have a fundamental need for guiding values and a sense of purpose that gives their life and work meaning." - Jim Collins

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