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Leaders Coach for Performance & Development

Coach for Performance & Development to Grow Mission Impact

Earlier in my career, I worked for Owens-Corning in research & development. My product design team developed windows to replace wood or vinyl frames with fiberglass insulated frames. At the time, the price of wood was rapidly rising. My role was to create window designs could easily be installed in existing building systems.



Coaching for Performance
is about addressing and fixing a specific problem or challenge.
It’s putting out the fire or building up the fire or banking the fire. 
It’s everyday stuff, and it’s important and necessary. 
– Michael Bungay Stanier


Dick Mott led our window product team in a common direction, built our team’s close alignment around clear goals, reminded us of what was important and helped removed roadblocks. He led our team from concept to prototype to test market. Together, we were co-inventors of three U.S. Patents. 


Coach your team for performance that grows mission impact.




Coaching for Development
is about turning the focus from the issue to the person dealing with the issue, the person who’s managing the fire. … 
If I ask you to think back to a time when someone coached you 
in a way that stuck and made a difference, 
I’ll bet that was on calling you forward to learn, improve and grow, 
rather than just getting something sorted out. 
– Michael Bungay Stanier


William Boeschenstein, CEO, invited our window team to give him a personal presentation at Owens-Corning’s headquarters. While waiting for the meeting, Dick Mott noticed I was quiet.


“What’s wrong?” asked Dick.

“I’m nervous about meeting the CEO of Owens-Corning.”

“Why are you nervous?”

“What if I can’t answer his questions?”

Why do you think you can’t answer his questions?”

“Boeschenstein is a CEO of a major corporation. He’s smart.”

“Don’t worry. Boeschenstein may lead a major corporation but he can’t ask any window questions that you don’t have the answer. You’ve spent the last 5 years studying, designing, building and installing windows. You know way more about windows than any CEO.”


I vividly remember Dick calming my nerves.

I aced the CEO’s questions. This was just one of the times Dick coached me. He helped gain confidence in myself, learn and grow. 


Coach people to learn, improve and grow.




I've been fortunate to have leaders in my life provide coaching in both areas, Performance & Development.


Coach your people to learn, improve and grow. Coaching others improves your organization's performance, helps people develop, and it helps you lead. Leaders coach to create clarity & alignment toward growing mission impact.


Take a minute to reflect on leaders that have influenced your life.


Did they coach you for performance, growing mission impact?

Did they coach you for development, growing you?



Coaching your board, key staff & champions helps you and your organization grow.

Wes Legg

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