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3 Reasons Organizations Struggle to Grow

  1. Weak/Inconsistent Funding

  2. Confusing Communication

  3. Lack of Leadership Alignment


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Running a nonprofit shouldn't be confusing. You can create clarity and grow mission impact.

3 Reasons Nonprofits Stuggle

  • Ineffective Fundraising
  • Confusing Communication
  • Weak Board Engagement

If a nonprofit doesn't know how to raise money,

the mission will die.

Grow Your Mission

  • Take My Business Report free assessment to gauge your nonprofit's health.

  • Review your report. 

  • Set up a free 30 minute call with Wes Legg to learn how to optimize your organization using a simple system of proven frameworks and playbooks.

When You Build Your Nonprofit Like an Airplane, It will Fly Further

Just like an airplane needs 6 main parts to fly, your organization needs 6 key components to be healthy and sustainable. If any of these parts are unhealthy, your plane will crash.

When you take My Business Report free assessment, you can learn which of the 6 areas your organization is performing well and where you need to improve, so you know exactly how to grow your mission.

You don't have to struggle with connecting & engaging champions of your mission. Learn how to create clarity with simple proven tools.

Begin by taking My Business Report free assessment.

Small Business Flight School and My Business Report are products of Business Made Simple.

Wes Legg is a Business Made Simple Certified Coach.

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