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What if you answered a set of questions that helped you identify issues your business is struggling with?
Don't trust your gut.

take the free assessment

A light will shine on where you need to focus
and give you steps to implement the plan.




My Business Report free assessment

Take the assessment. You'll get a Free detailed report on the health of your organization. It focuses on the six parts of your business.

You'll received a customized plan to create clarity, align your team and increase revenue leading to growing mission impact.


Connect with Wes

After you and I receive your assessment results,


I will contact you to schedule your My Business Report Debrief and Action call at a cost of $95.


If you chose to accept the Debrief and Action Plan call, we'll get to know each other, I'll gain an understanding of your organization & goals, and I will offer an action plan to move forward.


Grow Mission Impact

You and your team will create clarity and alignment that leads to an action plan.

You'll begin building a healthy organization, focusing on priorities to grow revenue


mission impact.

Small Business Flight School and My Business Report are products of Business Made Simple.

Wes Legg is a Business Made Simple Certified Coach.

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