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Grow Your Small Business | Nonprofit

Your number one fear as a small business owner is running out of money. Without a proven plan for growth, that’s exactly what will happen.

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Just like an airplane needs 6 main parts to fly, your organization needs 6 key components to be healthy.

If any of these parts are unhealthy, your plane will crash.

1. Leadership = The Cockpit

2. Marketing = Right Engine

3. Sales | Development = Left Engine

4. Products | Services = The Wings

5. Overhead & Operations = The Body

6. Cash Flow = Fuel Tanks


When you take My Business Report free assessment, you can learn which of the 6 areas your organization is performing well and where you need to improve, so you know exactly where to focus your immediate efforts.

When you know how to build the 6 core parts , you can build capacity that leads to growing mission impact!

Take the My Business Report

Free Assessment

Small Business Flight School and My Business Report are products of Business Made Simple.

Wes Legg is a Business Made Simple Certified Coach.

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