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Tamara R.
xecutive Director

I am so pleased with the results. Yes, it was hard for me to listen to the areas which need shored up, but I feel so hopeful because it is critical that we are all on the same page moving forward.

David W.
Pui Tak Center
Executive D

Wes created a lot of enthusiasm for planning. He engaged all the participants so those involved were honest about their opinions. The resulting documents were clear & helpful.

Scott H
International Friendships COO

We thank God for bringing you to I.F.I. to help us build a framework! You have been instrumental in that process > encouraged us and inspired us through your wisdom and perspective.

Wen C.

IFI OSU Campus
Ministry Leader

Wes, truly appreciate your expertise, patience, and encouragement for us. Many of us are encouraged by the direction we are heading and it will bring energy and clarity to the work. Thank you!

Kai N.
Peace Lutheran
Lead Pastor

Thank you for grasping our hands and leading us through this process. It's not easy to get communities/leaders to look honestly at themselves. I hope this is a pivotal time for our community.

Wally M.

Mission Increase Foundation Executive Director

Wes, we're so grateful for your heart to pour into leaders.

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