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StratOp FAQ

How long does it take to develop a StratOp Plan? StratOp is a continuous process, not an event. Development of the initial plan takes 2-3 months. The plan is continuously updated by your Leadership Team as action items are launched, worked, and completed. When things change, we change our plan.  Below is a StratOp Roadmap example. The roadmap expands or contracts, depending on the size and complexity of the organization.



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​​​What is the make-up of the Leadership Team? The ideal StratOp Leadership Team size is 6-12 leaders representing the major areas of the organization. StratOp is designed to build chemistry and create collective thinking. Alignment begins here.


What is Plan-On-A-Page?  Unique to the StratOp Process is our Plan-On-A-Page, a one page executive summary of the StratOp Playbook developed by your Leadership Team. The Plan-On-A-Page provides an at-a-glance snapshot of your mission, vision, values, customer needs and yearly measurables. It also summarizes your action plans. It provides a quick reference for leaders by reminding them to focus decisions on what is important now to grow mission impact.

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​​​What is an Internal StratOp Champion? An Internal StratOp Champion is identified to lead the Action Plan Teams. Often the Internal Champion is the COO or comparable operational leader. The Internal Champion connects with Action Team Leaders on a regular basis to ensure they are following their Action Plan’s stated objectives and timelines. Wes coaches the Internal Champion to lead the Action Plan Teams. The Internal Champion will check-in (in-person, phone, Zoom, and/or email) every two weeks during Phase II. After Phase III, Wes coaches the Internal StratOp Champion to lead the StratOp process during the first year.





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​​Copyright Notice:  The copyright and title to the StratOp Process (TM) and any trademarks or service marks relating thereto, remain with the Paterson Center LLC.

The StratOp Process (TM) is intellectual property of the Paterson Center LLC.

Wes Legg is a Paterson Center StratOp Certified Facilitator.


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