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Strategic Guide & Facilitator

The first half of my life was focused on providing for my family and growing my business skills. I traveled to the Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, Central & South America for business. During my travels, I realized that outside of our cultural uniqueness, we have much in common. God loves each of us, regardless of our religion, culture, ethnicity and worldviews. We are all children of God living on a shared Mother Earth.


9/11/2001 was a turning point in my life. God invited me toward a new path, working alongside people like me and people different from me. My first mission trip was to New York City, one month after 9/11.


Focusing outward, instead of inward, I began working with others to mend the part of the world within our reach.  Together, we have gutted hurricane damaged houses, delivered furniture for families moving from a shelter to a new home, packaged dry bean soup ingredients for sale to support women's empowerment, built handicap ramps, and mended fences.

I've also been part of a team that stumbled along the way. We started a sober living house with no plan. We lacked focus, alignment and missed opportunities. After 2 years we made the difficult decision to shut down and support more effective organizations.

I've served in the trenches, on boards and in leadership. Along the way, I've learned that successful leaders...

Start by clarifying the mission

Understand what the customer values

Create a plan to grow mission impact

Allocate resources on mission focused outcomes


Invite others to join the mission

My mission is helping leaders grow their mission impact.

If you're ready to move forward, let's talk.

Wes Legg

Strategic Guide & Facilitator

Eldred Legg LLC


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"The most successful nonprofits realize that

good intentions are no substitute for



for accountability,




Those require management and that, in turn begins with an organization's mission."

-Peter Drucker,

Teamwork is not a virtue…it's a choice…and a strategic one. 
-Patrick Lencioni