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About Wes

Guide & Strategic Facilitator

Over the last two decades, I've served in the trenches, on boards and in leadership. ​

I signed up for my first mission trip, one month after 9/11, to New York City. We served a city still in shock. The experience profoundly changed my life.

Focusing outward, I began working with others to mend the part of the world within our reach.  I worked alongside people like me and people different from me. Together, we gutted hurricane damaged homes, delivered furniture for families moving from a shelter to a new home, packaged dry bean soup ingredients for sale to support women's empowerment, built handicap ramps for the elderly, and mended fences.

I have also stumbled along the way.

I was part of a team with good intentions that started a sober living house.  We…

lacked focus,

alignment, & accountability,

and had no plan.

After 2 years, we accepted the fact that we failed and made the necessary decision to shut down and support a more effective organization.

As a former executive director of a material assistance nonprofit, I understand how leaders feel. A decade ago, I was certified as a Strategic Facilitator through the Paterson Center.


Today, I walk alongside nonprofit leaders. 

I am the guide. The leadership team creates and carries out their plan, focusing limited resources on mission driven outcomes.

My mission is helping leaders grow their mission impact.

If you're ready to move forward, let's talk.

Wes Legg

Guide & Strategic Facilitator

Eldred Legg LLC


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"The most successful nonprofits realize that good intentions are no substitute for organization, leadership, accountability, performance, and results. Those require management and that, in turn begins with an organization's mission." 

-Peter Drucker

Teamwork is not a virtue…it's a choice…and a strategic one. 
-Patrick Lencioni

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