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Leading your organization shouldn't be confusing.

You can create clarity & grow mission impact.

Wes Legg
Guide | Coach

My passion is helping leaders create clarity and grow their organization.


I know what's it's like to wonder if the business will ever be successful. I've worn many hats during my career: small business owner, nonprofit executive director, volunteer, and guide. During my journey, I've grown, been knocked down, and gotten back up. I've learned from experience and wise guidance along the way.

For over a decade I've worked alongside leaders helping them clarify their story and create action plans that grow mission impact. I work with nonprofit and small business leaders; One-on-One or with your team using Business Made Simple framework.


As a leader, you shouldn't have to struggle. Learn about simple proven tools that create clarity, alignment, and grow mission impact.

Invest 30 minutes. 

First, book a Free Discovery call so we can get to know each other. Next, together we create your path to growing mission impact.

Then, I help you implement the plan

Wes Legg

Eldred Legg L.L.C.

Business Made Simple Certified Coach

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“Everybody has their own private Mount Everest they were put on this earth to climb. You may never reach the summit; for that you will be forgiven. But if you don't make at least one serious attempt to get above the snow line, years later you will find yourself lying on your deathbed, and all you will feel is emptiness.” 

- Hugh Mcleod

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